Monday , January 17 2022

«Sikazwe» hearing refreshes Ahli's dream of returning Africa's end


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The African Football Confederation (CAF) disciplinary committee will be holding a hearing in the next hours with the Zambian referee Gianni Sikazui, who played the African Champions League final between Tunisia and Angola in August. The suspicion of pollution caused change during the game and qualified the Tunisiaist team to the border of Africa and crumbled the title after winning the Ahli.

The disciplinary committee officially informed the Zambia federation on Monday of the application of sanctions in Articles 82, 136 and 152 to Sikazwe, accused them of corruption and prejudice against the first of August, which led to its ban from & # 39; r African Championship.

On his behalf, Abdel Moneim Shata, a member of the KAF Technical Committee, said that the Sikazoui hearing will decide the fate of an African Championship and the possibility of withdrawing the title of Al-Turji. He noted that if the Zambia government had failed to protect its site and prove it was involved in treating the game, August 16, things would turn down. He said: CAF regulations are strict in terms of pollution and treatment of results. Article 16 states that if a team has been mitigated and installed by one of the teams in the first round of the semifinals, Am 3 and Awam, with a departure from & The competition and application team and the opponent team in the next round.

Shata added that the next paragraph in the same article shows that if the treatment was in the final, the accused team of treatment was removed from the title and given to the second team.

Shata acknowledged the difficulty of experiencing the bribe and the decision could be enough to punish the referee and confirm the Alaraji title qualification, but if the treatment is determined by regulation, it can be returned the final match between Ahli and August first.

Shatta explained that Ahli could not intervene in the case in the current period and have the right to intervene only if the conviction of the Zambian judgment, after the hearing, indicates that Ahli's destination during the current Court of Sport period will not be useful.

He noted that the Sekazawy situation was completely different from Mahdy Obeid, Algeria, who managed the first leg in an African final. He said: He had stopped and refused to take part in the World Cup arbitration for his mistake in dealing with Al-Far. As it was true with Zambia.

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