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Saudi interest in energy and sun


This news is the Saudi interest in energy and the sun

Saudi interest in energy and sun

Issued in the headlines on 21 – 11 – 2018

Energy Minister Saudi Khalid al-Falih announced on Sunday that King Salman will be the cornerstone of the "North Pledge" project, an integrated mineral city that includes the world's largest solar search project, a key trend in the best OPEC oil exporter and one of the world's leading oil exporters. Producing oil to develop solar energy on this scale.
In the past, whenever one expected Saudi Arabia to develop solar energy, energy experts who did not need solar energy on Saudi Arabia reacted because it had a huge oil pool. The cost of removing oil barrel in Saudi Arabia is much lower than the cost of solar and solar development, which demands expensive investments and is still expensive. In recent years, however, the cost of investing in solar energy has been significantly reduced, especially as China has developed a low-cost solar pololating technology that has exported to many countries in the world. The US has also developed technology, although it is at a higher cost than Chinese technology, but according to better quality solar experts. Abu Dhabi has been a leader in solar energy development in the Masdar alternative energy project framework, which is owned by Mubadala Investments.
The launch of Saudi Arabia of the world's largest "solar" project is an important development in the production of more renewable energy to supply and export oil and use of solar energy for domestic industries and to use to generate electricity, Many use of the oil production locally. Saudi Arabia is also trying to dig into gas in difficult places to pull it for the same purpose. But solar energy seems to be easier because the sun is present heavily in the Kingdom, especially as the cost of investing in this energy is declining.
He said that countries like Jordan, Morocco and Egypt have launched solar energy projects that are clean and fit for those who want to protect the environment. Solar countries such as Germany have launched projects that depend on the sun and sky for environmental conservation. This clean energy, contrary to what is said in the oil circles, will be energy-in-the-future. Frayna, for example, is an Swiss Swiss aircraft traveling around 2015 from Abu Dhabi to Hawaii in the US on a clean solar test. Then the sun added in 2016 with Swiss Bertrand Picard and André Borschberg pilots flying around the world without gasoline for aircraft but on solar energy.
If the sun is promising in the future clean and launches the Kingdom, such a project means that he has a significant interest in the new energy. This does not mean that Saudi Arabia is moving away from oil production. Or it's ready for the post-oil period. Oil continues to be an important and valuable resource for the Kingdom at all economic, developmental and political levels. But solar energy can be an important supply to the energy sector in a large country of consumers because it is developing many industries. For example, Total and Aramco have launched a large petrochemical project engineering study near the Aramco and Total Sourp refinery jointly at Jubail and a project starting in 2024 with a $ 5 billion investment cost.
These major projects launched by Saudi Arabia need to be more energy to become a major industrial state in the field of petrochemicals. The development of large-scale solar power is good news in the Saudi Arabia energy strategy. Those who did not believe Saudi Arabia would go to large-scale solar development would be abused. The project, set by King Salman, Saudi Arabia on Thursday, will set the foundation for Saudi Arabia's commitment to this clean energy, which has always been blessed by nature.
Randa Taqi al-Din
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