Thursday , September 29 2022

Saturday … The incredible creatures at the Opera Girgis Joseph opera


Dr Magdy Saber, President of the Opera House and Dr. Ramses Marzouk, opens at the Music Library Hall at 7:30 pm Saturday, an exhibition by the artist Georges Youssef Mansour (George) of the name "Between Myth and Realality".

The exhibition includes about 35 white and white fairy creatures that showcase artist's events and weaving drama heroes. The artist employs all objects to play his dramatic role to be achieved by the recipient, and everyone has a different impression.

The artist is a consultant of the Egyptian Center for International Co-operation, a member of Syndicate of Artists Fine, a member of the Society of the Gouri artists, a member of the National Society of Fine Arts, and holds holdings at the Museum of Modern Art and individuals in Egypt, England, Canada and America.

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