Monday , September 26 2022

«Religious MPs agree to the« Endowment Authority »law


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The Representative House of the Religious Committee in principle approved the Endowment Authority's draft law. Dr Osama Al-Abd, Chair of the Committee, called on the Awqaf Authority to make advertisements to attract citizens to give it up.

Al-Abd said during the committee meeting yesterday to discuss the draft law on the re-organization of the Awqaf: "All the qualifications in which we are currently working are old, not modern, and we are not know the people of Najib for endowments. " He told Awqaf officials: People who have money to come to stop, and they must be large media campaigns to re-publish the endowment culture. "

Jaber Tabam, head of the religious sector at the Awqaf Ministry, said that 12 million new moratorium had been added to the Awqaf Ministry last year.

Awqaf Minister, Dr. Mohammad Mokhtar Jumaa said that the ministry has allocated a service on the electronic authority's website to report the endowments not known to the Authority. An award will be allocated for any serious communication. Last year, emphasizing that whosoever attacks the Waqf will be punished by God in this world before the Beginning and will not see well in his life.

He added that the average return of waqf ranged from 400 to 500 million pounds, noting that the ministry was checking it with the Central Audit Organization to reach the return at least to a billion and 200 million pounds.

He added that a protocol had to sign with the Survey Authority for the Waqf property, and that more than 90% were completed and they will be downloaded on maps. Within 3 months, the ministry will finish the new awaked atlas, stating that the last Atlas was implemented from 1908 to 1920, Century as a whole.

He noted that the "earnings" item in the ministry was the earnings before President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi received from 30 to 36 million pounds, and last year 150 million pounds increased, and this year raised 300 million pounds, which pointed out that 100 million pounds of Awqaf funding were allocated In order to support education, 250 million pounds were transferred to build 100 homes for the most favorable families in Halaib. A number of rehabilitation houses will be opened in Al-Rawda village in Bir al-Abed with the Al-Rawda mosque event anniversary this month.

He considered that the draft law introduced by the government on issuing the law «The Reorganization of the Egyptian Endowment Authority» is governed by legal and legal controls.

He criticized the «slaves» to not act the Awqaf Ministry for the provisions given in favor of some citizens to restore their land belonging to endowments, and Juma said: «say that the ministry operates the provisions as long as it is to be final and opens the door to align all judicial cases ».

The Awqaf Minister said: "The ruling granted by the Constitutional Court was based on the old constitution. The present constitution determines the protection of waste money."

He added that the ministry had transferred all church endowments to the church and will not be open to them in the new law because they were transferred to them except for one stop earmarked for spending on a mosque. The church allowed the ministry to spend on this mosque. He confirmed that Al-Azhar manages his time with his information. Awqaf minister said that some arguments over Waqf were still with the owners and he did not get the ministry to respond to the owners. He / she must have a specialist Committee to examine the arguments.

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