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Qena's governor discusses co-operation with the delegation of the UN Development Partners Group


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From the echoing site of the country, on Sunday, November 11, 2018.

The delegation of the United Nations Development Partners Group met, which included several experts in different areas, led by Richard Dickts, United Nations Resident Co-ordinator in Cairo, to discuss opportunities for collaboration in various service and productive service sectors in the government , Sustainable development.

Qena Governor gave a brief presentation on the projects implemented during the last period in each service sector. He also reviewed the plan adopted by the governors to improve the economic and living conditions of the Lebanese citizen. The role of governors is to enable citizens to benefit from modern technology, to take advantage of the assets that have not been completed to maximize their use by setting up development projects.

The presentation also dealt with the most important difficulties facing government development plans with the aim of developing solutions based on scientific and practical principles, especially problems the erosion of the population eroding & the government's weakest development rates and financial resources.

Qena's Governor thanked the delegation of the Development Partners Group for their programs and support for governmental and non-governmental organizations in economic and social development in Egypt and for their enthusiasm to establish protocols for collaboration with Qena Governorate, emphasizing the important role made by local and international civil society organizations, As an essential partner in the development process.

In his part, United Nations Resident Co-ordinator, Richard Dickts, expressed the enthusiasm of the Development Partners Group to be an effective and useful partner for Qena Governance to help implement their development plans in different areas.

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