Monday , January 17 2022

Pope Tawadros meets families of midwives and victims of the St Samuel Pictures event


He received His Holiness, Pope Twaedros II, Pope Alexandria, Patriarch Annunciation of St. Mark, at the Papal Headquarters of St. Cathedral Mark at Abbassiya on Monday, families of the martyrons and victims of the last terrorist event at the Sant Samuel Penasty.

During the meeting, the Tawadros Pope expressed sympathy with the families of the martyrdom and emphasized the support of the Church for them. In addition, patients ensured the treatment of those who were still undergoing treatment at Sheikh Zayed Hospital in October.

The terrorist event took place on November 2, and two passenger cars (Mini Bus and Microbus) were killed. Seven miniators of the city of Minya and more than 20 injured from the Minya and Al-Kwamil Bahri in Sohag village were most likely to recover while the rest stayed at Sheikh Zayed Hospital in October to complete their treatment.

Side of the meeting

Side of the meeting

Side of the meeting

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