Friday , May 27 2022

Mido Mounib presents «New Dunia» to Sahaila Ben Leshab (Video)


Suhaila Ben Laheb shines Algerian dress in the latest shooting session

The producer Mido Monib, a video clip for the song "Donia Gadida" by Star Star star, Suhaila Ben Laheb, through "paw production" and through the "Mzika" channel.

The song carries the title "New World" in the Egyptian dialect, from the words of Osama Mehrez, composed by Shadi Hassan, the distribution of the poet Moe, a video clip directed by Nabil Makkawi,

Latest work by Mido Munib's producer, released by the final album of "Hania El Dunia" by the young singer Heidi Moussa, who won the Best Young Singer Award for the Abbey Awards 2018. The latest work of Suhaila Ben Laheb, Llyn Menolish, and exceeds the 16 million mark on his YouTube channel.

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