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"Manpower" continues to receive applications for hotel training until Thursday


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"Manpower" continues to receive applications for hotel training until Thursday, identifying the Masrawy site, on Tuesday, 20 November 2018.

Books – Osama Abdul Karim:

The Ministry of Manpower will continue until Thursday to receive applications from hotel and female guests to train and apply their skills to achieve the Egyptian vision of 2030.

Mohammed Saffan's Workforce Minister said the first training program will consist of 150 trainees for a three month period of 1 December at the Intercity City Stars Hotel. The trainee will receive 1000 pounds a month.

The documents will be submitted to those interested in training through the Ministry's website at:, or submitting applications at hand, together with a CV of no more than one page by address, date of birth, telephone, Experiences, and a copy of the academic qualification, and from the National Identity Card, at Manpower 3 Administration, Yousef Abbas Street – Nasr City – from 9 am to 2 pm, and will not accept any applications that do not meet the requirements.

The trainee will receive a certificate of success stating that the applicant must be at least 18 years of age and not more than 30 years old, and to present a recent criminal case, a medical certificate which indicates that free from chronic diseases, Any illnesses prevent training, after passing the admission tests in the training, and receiving all those with intermediate qualifications, higher than average and higher qualifications.

The Minister explained that the training is part of the cooperative protocol between the Egyptian Ministry of Inter Hotels Hotel and Africa City Stars, which aims to prepare young people and provide them with the necessary skills join the hotel industry to achieve the vision of 2030 by raising awareness of the importance of safety and occupational health. Reduce risks to security in the real working environment and train on hotel rooms: hot, cold, catering, and internal supervision.

The minister said there are many parties who are responsible for providing the best possible training for young people. He explained that when the ministry had developed the training system, it was necessary to go to private sector companies so that there would be a major development towards a new training system in all sectors in general, hotel special.

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