Tuesday , May 24 2022

Johnson's cause of cancer causes cancer to reach a dead end


The South Carolina jury failed to reach a ruling in the second trial of a lawsuit claiming that Johnson & Johnson's baby powder causes cancer and is associated with exposure to asbestos.

The jury explained that he had ended in the case against Johnson, after the death of a 30-year-old product consumer of cancerous tumor.
The lawyer said to the man who died about the powder that Johnson learned in the 1970s that the talc powder product contained carcinogens and failed to warn the public to defend his famous brand.
"We are looking forward to a new trial to provide our protection, based on decades of independent scientific assessments, and none have revealed that Johnson's powder powder contains asbestos," said Kim Montagnino, a Johnson & Johnson spokesperson.
President of the Supreme Court of South Carolina, Twal, called the jury several times on Thursday but said they could not reach a unanimous ruling.

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