Monday , January 17 2022

In particular, the Tunisian African reveals Joule's fact discussions with Mustafa Fathi


Al-Mutawabi Al-Matroudi, General Manager of Tunisie African Club, revealed the truth of discussions with the team with Zamalek player, Mustapha Fathi.

During the last hours, a copy of a letter sent from African Club to Zamalek was published, asking for adding Mustafa Fathi from Zamalek.

Al-Manoubi said in statements i "We did not send Zamalek any official fax to join Mustafa Fathi, and there's no player to talk with Zamalek or Ahli."

"Al Ahli has been making connections through agents last summer to join Mokhtar Belkhther behind Algeria, but there has been no connection with any Al Ahly club and there are no discussions for the player. We have until the end of the season. "

"We do not use the fax used to us in Tunisia, as the board of Tunisiana or Tunisia directors," he said. "I think he's a player agent and wants to raise the price of his player."

Mustafa Fathi is on the Zamalek list for a Thursday game against the Interior Ministry.

Mustafa Fathi returned to Zamalek club early this season, after last season he spent a medal for the Saudi Cooperation Club.

The 24-year-old player has played two games this season with Zamalek, but he has not scored or scored a goal.

Choose the ideal Zamalek form before the inside in the absence of a lot of protection here.

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