Monday , January 17 2022

How did Mohammed Salah ignore "thoughts" Ahmed Shukairy and fall into the trap of "Playboy"?


Egyptian Mohamed Salah was surprised by Egyptian national team
Liverpool fans have posted a picture on Twitter with a mask
A black shirt with Playboy magazine logo, the world's most famous porn magazine.

The image of Mohammed Salah raised a tone of anger against the player
Through social networking sites, and he asked this slogan hide followers "inappropriate"
Or delete this picture as it's not worth it especially because there are many young people and children in Egypt and the homeland
The Arabian considers it as an example and better for them.

Magazine "Playboy" or "Boy
"Flirt" is an American pornographic magazine set up by "Hugh Hefner" and published the issue
This was the first in 1953 and was considered one of the largest sex pornographic magazines in the world
I'm released now in 30 countries and has a "bunny head" motto.

Saudi journalist Ahmed Al-Shukairi addressed one
Chapters confirmed his famous "Khawar" story of the magazine "Playboy" its founder
The idea of ​​"Hugh Hefner" was created in his head to publish a magazine that includes images of naked women
Fully without clothes and took the logo of the rabbit and began to be published in the fifties.

And "Shukairy" the magazine "Play
Boy "is currently selling over 20 million copies worldwide, as he said
The home of Hugh Hefner, founder of the magazine, became a Hollywood landmark
Many are eager to visit, and some find that what he did is normal and does not have a problem
But see him as an example because of his success in gaining a fortune behind his / her idea.

"Shukairy warned" young people at home
Arabian use of slogans or wearing clothing slogans does not know the meaning or what it refers to,
Because a dressed person expresses his personality and creativity, and the person can wear an inappropriate slogan
And promote it without knowing what this logo is or does not know what it's going to be.

Ahmed Shukairy's message to young people at home
Al Arabi earlier through its "Khawar" program, and now Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian team star
Liverpool has suffered the Al-Shukairy warned in front, "Salah"
It may not know what the logo means it's wearing and what it's going to be, so it has a quick response
And an apology to your audience, but if you know the meaning of "logo" and this deliberately seems
There is a real disaster, especially as many young people consider it as a role model and a good example.

It should be noted, as this writing
Salah did not eliminate the controversial image of his account on Twitter and Facebook.
Despite criticism and angry comments directed by some of their sequences on the picture.

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