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Saudi Arabia has called for an urgent Arab and Gulf summit this month after attacks on two oil pumps in Saudi Arabia and increasing tensions with Iran. Qatar has claimed that he has not been invited to the two summits so far, Ben Saad Al Muraikhi.

There is no information to confirm about the Qatari allegations, according to political analyst Saudi, Dr Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Zalfa, who said in a call to Al-Watan that "Qatar claims that he will not invite them so far but we don't have the confidence with the Arab countries that are part of the conflict With the great dangers in Qatar, our instrument to Iran and Turkey is expansion projects in the region. "

"We do not count on Qatar in any Arab role that has long supported terrorism and chose to annoy himself with the enemies of the Arab nation, whether they are invited or not," he said.

King Abdullah Saudi Arabia called on Saturday for the two summits in Mecca on 30 May to discuss the impact of last week's aircraft attacks on oil facilities in the kingdom as well as attacking four tankers with two Saudi carriers off the United Arab Emirates coast.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt have imposed economic and diplomatic penalties on Qatar since June 2017 because of accusations that Doha supports terrorism and brings him closer to Iran. Qatar denies the charges.

The Arab League, which is based in Cairo, said in a statement that the Secretariat had distributed the Keeper's invitation in the two Holy Banks to Arab leaders yesterday to hold an urgent Arab summit in Mecca.

Arab and Islamic country leaders were expected to take part in a meeting of the Islamic Cooperation Institute in Mecca at the end of May.

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Source: Al Watan

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