Thursday , May 26 2022

He married a drug dealer and was sentenced to life prison


Faqous housewife in the province of Sharkia filed a divorce suit before the Family Court, saying that her husband was a drug dealer and sentenced to life prison and sentenced to prison in Borg El Arab

The wife, "HRA", lived in the middle of Vakos, in the divorce case, who held the 1581 number for the 2016 family of Vakos, and married the "M" as a resident in the middle village of Faqus, and God gave him "T" the child and after a period of the drug, and tried to keep him away to spend on the Halal house, but he walked the drug way, until the police were arrested and arrested; sentenced to life prison, stating that no money from her husband's family was spent on her little child, With a small "RMA" against her father who transported the 1725 number for the Faqus family year 2018, for monthly maintenance of the girl, including food and housing.

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