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He denied the demand for Italian bonds

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The decline in demand for Italian bonds, identifying the portal of the sun, on Thursday, November 22, 2018.

The demand for Italian bonds associated with the inflation rate has decreased significantly to record the second lowest call in the history of these bonds, in the light of the current crisis between the Italian government and & The European Commission on the Italian budget next year.

According to Bloomberg's news agency, the total demand for Italian bonds was 2.16 billion euros (2.46 billion dollars), which was much lower than the estimates of analysts who expected to buy bonds worth 8 billion euros before the offer.

The return on Italian bonds in the market trade continues to increase after the Deputy Prime Minister Italian Luigi de Mayo expressed his view that there was an opportunity to discuss Italian budget plans that break rules & # 39 ; r EU on public spending.

The issue of the Italian bond is expected to raise the concern of the coalition government in Rome as the government wants to increase public spending in order to boost economic growth.

"There is no reason to buy inflationary Italian bonds," said Richard Kelly, head of global analysis at Toronto's Dominion Bank in London. "If you do not have to do it, the demand for a bond is likely to continue, but it will not be strong if investors do not touch back. The government has considered its budget in a way that ; n satisfy the markets. "

The product reached bonds repayable in November 2022 1.45 per cent after inflation.

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