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"Hamas" calls on Arab countries to boycott the Bahrain Economic Workshop


Tuesday 21 May

The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) has called on Arab countries not to respond to calls for participation in an “economic workshop” in June in the capital Bahrain in Manama.

The Hamas movement called on the Arab countries to stand by Palestinian people through all means and equipment, and supported them to face the American plan (bargain century) and obstruct.

Statement of the movement "Hamas":

  • Hamas: We followed with great concern the American announcement of holding an economic "workshop" in June in the capital of Bahrain in Manama as the first American act in the "Deal of the Century" plan with the aim of abolishing the Palestinian cause .
  • Hamas has warned of the "malicious targets" behind any actions or activities that represent a gateway to normalization and practical Arab participation in the adoption of the "century agreement" and its application, and adoption. Israeli vision (Netanyahu – Trump) for economic peace as it is called to bring the Palestine issue to an end.
  • Hamas stressed that this was contrary to an Arab and a united Palestinian position to reject Safsawi's agreement in America, and represents a departure from the Arab and Islamic constants.
  • Hamas: We look forward to rejecting Bahrain and his indigenous people to de-analyze their territory of the Zionist enemy, the Palestinian killer.
  • Hamas has stressed that he rejects any economic, political or other action that would pass or prepare the way for a "century agreement".
Palestine Prime Minister Mohammad Ashtiyah (Getty Images)

Palestinians and Bahrain Conference:

  • Bahrain will hold an economic workshop on "Peace for Prosperity" on 25 and 26 next month in partnership with Washington, said a joint statement between the US and Bahraini on Sunday.
  • Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Ashtiyeh said on Monday that the Palestinians had not been consulted about a conference to be held in Washington next month to promote international investment in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
  • Ashtiye stressed that the resolution of the conflict in Palestine will be purely political, and said the economic issue was the result of a political solution, and the Palestine is not trying to improve the living conditions that are being occupied.
  • Palestine Minister for Social Development, Ahmad Majdalani, said on Monday that Palestinian officials would not be attending the Bahrain conference, which described President Donald Trump's administration as an introductory revelation of a peace scheme between Israelis and Palestinians.
  • Majdalani said "there will be no Palestinian who will take part in the Manama workshop but an agent for the Americans and Israel."
  • US officials expect representatives from the European, Middle East and Asia sectors as well as a number of finance ministers to attend the conference, while Washington has invited Israeli figures to attend the Manama Economic Session.
US peace plan has been drafted by Jared Kouchner with Netanyahu (Getty Images)

Century deal:

  • "The Century Deal" is a settlement plan which the United States intends to disclose in June and is said to force the Palestinians, with the help of Arab states, to make unfair concessions in favor of "Israel." "
  • The "Century Deal" is a set of policies that the current US administration is currently implementing – although they have not yet published – and are in line with the vision of the right wing of Israel. resolve Palestinian-Israel conflict.
  • Palestinians have boycotted US peace efforts led by Tramb's son Jared Kouchner, since the end of 2017 when President Trump decided to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and recognize the city that has occupied him as the capital of Israel. contrary to US policy for decades.
  • US President Donald Trump announced that "Jerusalem" is being moved from the discussion board – suspended from 2014 – and the embassy of his country transferred to the Declaration and the alleged capital of the Israeli entity.
  • Trump also began his actions to end the last witness on asylum matters by giving the best of US aid provided to the United Nations Relief and Work Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA).
  • A report by The Washington Post revealed that Trump's well-known media scheme as “Century Deal” would not include the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state.


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