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Gold prices for Sunday 11-11-2018 in Egypt


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Cairo – Without Mohamed Salah – Gold prices have been established on Sunday 11-11-2018 in Egypt, after a last 3 pounds and a half, to score the 21 standards, the best seller in Egypt is about 606.5 pounds per grams under the Egyptian market and give the best to buy and sell.

The decline in the gold price came yesterday in Egypt after the fall in the worldwide gold price "ounce" worth $ 10 to drop from 1219 dollars to record 1209 dollars today, reflected on gold price in the market.

Gold prices today in Egypt are as follows: 18 pounds: 519 pounds 21 pounds: 606.5 pounds 24,693 pounds Gold sterling: 4852 pounds World price: 1209 dollars

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Gold prices in Egypt can see some small variation ranging from one province to another or by one trader to another in the LE or LE range, but gold grams vary greatly from one gem to & # 39 The other depends on the shape.

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