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Gold and currency prices today, Friday 20-11-2020


Today, Friday saw gold prices decline by two pounds, the lowest level of gold in Egypt in 3 weeks, where a gram of 21-carat gold – the best-selling and traded in Egypt – recorded 813 lbs per grams, after an ounce of gold recorded the price of 1868 dollars.

Gold prices today

18-carat gold recorded 698 lbs

The 21-carat gold recorded 813 pounds per gram

24-carat gold recorded 929 lbs

And today’s currency rates settled against the Egyptian pound, and according to the latest updates in the Egyptian National Bank, we’re announcing currency rates against the Egyptian pound today, which came as follows:

Today’s dollar price: 15.59 lbs to buy, 15.69 lbs for sale .

Euro euro price: 18.42 lbs to buy, 18.60 lbs for sale.

Price of the British pound: It reached 20.58 lbs to buy, 20.83 lbs for sale.

Kuwaiti dinar price: It reached 48.59 lbs to buy, and 51.37 lbs for sale.

Saudi fraud price: a record 4.07 lbs to buy, and 4.18 lbs for sale.

UAE dirham price: reached 4.22 lbs for purchase, and 4.27 lbs for sale.

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