Thursday , May 26 2022

Finally … astronomers solve the mystery of the “Blue Nebula”


Astronomers are likely this blue nebula is the latest case of a merger that took place between two stars in space, according to the “Daily Mail” newspaper.

This mysterious object was discovered in 2004, and scientists at that time sought to discover what led to the appearance of a blue circle of light around a scientifically named star “TYC 2597-735-1”.

At present, this phenomenon is likely caused mainly by a sun-like star ingesting a smaller star close.

When the two stars merged, a huge cloud of hot shrapnel burst into space, and then split under the influence of the gas.

With only one star located from the Earth, they both look like a central blue circle.

This “blue nebula” was discovered by the US space agency “NASA”, via the “Galix” telescope, 16 years ago, and they said at the time that they had never seen such a phenomenon before .

The image showed a broad, fading focus of gas alongside a bright shining star in the middle.

Although this phenomenon appears blue in the image, it does not give a blue color that the human eye can see.

Over the past few years, astronomers have worked tirelessly to solve this mystery that appeared before them in space.

Astronomer Marc Seibert, one of those who worked on solving the mystery, said the team of researchers had wandered between many theories.

The academic, who works in the “Galix” telescope team, described this issue as “daunting” to those working in science, saying he does not hide his admiration for the space object this unique.

This study was published on November 18 in the journal Nature, and the researchers say they have been able to solve the puzzle definitively and definitively.

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