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E-mail Security during White Friday


The holiday season Christmas and e-shopping on Black Friday, known as White Friday in the Middle East, is a particularly critical period for the retail sector and therefore the period of the the effect of cyber threats can be exacerbated, In the retail operations during this great season, especially to damage the target profits as well as the reputation of companies and their customers.

According to Jens Munrad, a FireEye consultation system analyst, these two threats are twice. From the physical perspective of the shop, the weight is high, as visitors can lose signs of potential fraud. From an electronic point of view, cybercriminals make attacks on the impairment or refusal of the service, as well as attempts to wind up and release money, because the prospect of retailers could be forced to pay capital money because it is one of the most important events of the year for the retail sector and will want to reduce the time to give it the best to work.

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Retailers are often used as a means of money laundering. The assaulters buy gift cards from retailers who use illegal money and then resell these gift cards to make profits in other markets or use them to buy goods by retailers and re-sale of selling goods Go through fraud.

Over the years, criminals have been seeking gift cards from major retailers, as well as cyber-criminals and individuals who provide money laundering services, which can enable other offenders to manage stealing securities. Consumers are likely to click on peer emails that include "Good bargains" that you are likely to lead to malware sites or programs specifically designed to steal data, personal information and credit card.

The user needs to be more careful during the holiday season. Cybercriminals use events such as White White as a bait or as a tool to attract users. The best advice is to track credit card records and bank records and buy only goods from well-known registered retailers and brands.

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