Wednesday , September 28 2022

Details of Sara Al Shami's first absolute championship in drama


In a unique statement to Washusha, actress Sara Al-Shami said that she first performed the absolute role in a series of 15 episodes presented in Egypt through an electronic platform during her "VIO" application..

He added, "Shami," that the series is called "I'm" Here is a first experience in Internet work, which incorporates Chery's character as the main heroine of the work, where he decides to take advantage of her mother's work clothes "steil"In cinema field and has a large collection of clothing and fashion artists through a website to show those dresses.

He noted that there was a large selection of artists, including Mohammad Mehran, Faris Haddad, Imad Rashad, Shawqi Basant, Gillan Alaa, Engi Wijdan, Lashina Lashin, Mohammed Fawzi Abdel Rahim and Mustafa Zaid and Rami Rizkallah.

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