Sunday , August 7 2022

Create a drug that prepares the way for the end of AIDS and prevents its transmission through sex



Creating an estate is preparing the way for the end


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LONDON (Reuters) – British researchers have designed new anti-HIV drugs that could be a precursor to their elimination, as part of a continuing scientific effort to bring the deadly disease to an end.

The tests carried out on 1,000 people who have infected across Europe have detected an antidote that prevents the growth of the virus, or makes it slow, a step that could prepare & # t Another way to find a discovery would be to end this severe gastrointestinal disease.

The study also concluded that the drugs reached were able to prevent the transmission of the virus through sex.

Statistics for 2017 show that nearly 40 million people worldwide have been infected with HIV / AIDS, and only 21.7 million receive anti-retroviral treatment.

Source: Guardian newspaper

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