Thursday , January 20 2022

Consider adding "Edit" button to install spell errors in your Tweets


For the first time since the end of 2016, Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, drew attention to the ideas of the company on creating an "edit" button for Twitter. Dorsey addressed the event at an event in New Delhi, India. The company should carefully consider that cases of the adjustment button are used before it becomes a reality – and it is likely that it will be an instrument to help correct spelling errors.

"Look at using the edit button," said Dorsey. "Many people want the edit button because they want to repair the error they do quickly, such as leaks or tweets in the wrong URL, and that's more achievable than Let people tweak any tweets via the road. "

Dorsey added that Twitter would ideally prevent unlimited editing, as anyone could misuse the feature to change its contentious content or any previous tweets.

"We've been studying this for a long time and we have to do it right, we can not fight it," he said. "We can not do anything that disrupts it. Please note that you do not take anything away from the public register."

Many users have been asking for the adaptation button for some time, so Kim Kardashian has interfered recently and asked Dorsey to talk about her at Kanye West's husband's birthday party. Also in 2016, Dorsey said the company "thought a lot of msgid" A button in the tweets means, but nothing was done.

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