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Causes of expansion and development of spleen treatment


The spleen is one of the most important organs of the body, located at the bottom of the thoracic cage in the upper left part of the abdomen towards the back, and works to support white and red blood cells and platelets. to remove unusual blood cells from the bloodstream.

According to website medicinenet There are many problems open to the spleen, with inflation most obvious.

Spleen inflammation
Spleen inflammation

Causes of expansion of the spleen

1: This is due to serious infections to the spleen.

2: Spleen can be expanded due to liver cirrhosis or viral hepatitis and other liver diseases.

3:Problems in the lymphatic system.

4: blood disorders and diseases.

5: The incidence of some of the various cancer diseases can cause swelling of the spleen is the most obvious leukemia.

This is a lot of the symptoms that show the swelling of the spleen and the most obvious t

Symptoms of expansion of the spleen


1: the feeling of severe abdominal pain.

2: Acute acute anemia.

3: Continued feeling of fatigue and fatigue.

4: Lose appetite and weight and feel full of the stomach after eating a little food t

5: light surface and tiredness tired.

Tips for treating spleen expansion

In this case the patient should follow well to describe the proper treatment of the situation, however, the patient must follow some tips that help us; r treatment

1: Avoid alcoholic and gaseous drinks and replace them with natural juice and warm liquids.

2: Do not eat ready-made food and foods containing high levels of fat and chips.

3: Commitment to comfort and taking medicines on their timetables.

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