Sunday , October 17 2021

Cartier Conference: Our great silence on arbitration errors … Do not ask me for dismissal

Al Ahli's coach, Patrice Cartier, has been alarming over the decision of the adjudicator against Al Wasl.

Al-Ahli left the Arab League Championship (Zayed Club Cup) after removing Al Wasl in the United Arab Emirates for a game in the second part of the round of 16.

"We gave a good level and started the attack and we had a shot at Al Qaim," Carteron told the press conference after the game.

"At the same time, the Al Wasl players faced us many mistakes against the referee without any reaction."

The French coach continued, "With the rush to attack us, we got a goal straight away."

"After the goal of arbitrating Al-Wasl turned against us clearly in many games, and the referee has launched his whistle on the balls it does not count before us . "

"We have been subject to judicial injustice during the last period and I have been silent and I do not turn to talking about arbitration, but it has become difficult and it's time we talk about arbitration errors in because of the first game did not punish us. "

Finally, asking Carteron for his dismissal from Al-Ahly's training, he replied: "Do not ask me for dismissal and technical staff. Ask who said this news."

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