Monday , April 12 2021

Bourse closes a weekend session with a combined decline of all the indicators

Indexes of the Egypt Stock Exchange (EGX) were closed at the end of the Thursday session, led by sales pressures from Arab and overseas sellers. The market capitalization decreased by an EGP 30.6 billion to close at EGP 763.645 billion. With a capital of LE 28 billion.

The total trading on the shares was 316 million worth worth 1.3 billion pounds, operating 33,200 transactions for 173 companies, the Egyptians accounted for 65.2% of all transactions, while foreigners did not Arabs account for 19.01% and Arabs at 15.78% The establishments accounted for 40.82% of transactions in the stock exchange today, and the remaining transactions for individuals were 59.17%

The net transactions of foreign individuals and Arab and Foreign institutions amounted to EGP 6.4 million, EGP 105.1 million and EGP 51.1 million respectively. The net transactions of Egyptian, Arab and Egyptian companies tend to buy EGP 85.7 million, EGP 12.9 million, or EGP 64.2 million. Straight away.

The EGX30 index hit 0.41% in 13675 points. The EGX 50% index rose 0.06% on 2231 points. The EGX20 index down 0.10% was 13527 points.

Index EGX 70 seats 0.13% to 687 points. EGX 0.21% index shed to close in 1723 points. The Nile index rejected 0.24% to reach 476 points.

The shares of 64 companies listed on the purse closed at the end of the trade, 73 companies fell, and the levels of 36 companies were unchanged.

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