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Arab women "know the benefits of taking honey on a daily basis"


Dear women have many advantages of honey and they know a man since the old place where he was a favorite food for everyone and all ages and the benefits of honey:

1) There is high value food that uses food for children and adults alike. It does not long stay in the stomach because it digestes quickly and quickly absorbs the lymphatic system to reach the blood.
2) Honey replaces the sugars used due to the person's physical or mental effort.
3) It has proven that honey is working to strengthen the heart, since glucose has a clear effect on muscle and heart, it is upsetting what it is & # 39; It was lost due to its permanent work and increasing strength and perseverance.
4) Honey has an effective role in regulating blood pressure and increasing the proportion of hemoglobin in the blood.
6) Honey is perfect food to increase strength and energy when playing sports and bathing, so it is recommended that honey be taken to athletes for its many benefits.
7) Honey is one of the best types of sweetening in children, as well as sweetness, a little protein also contains many types of mineral atoms and soft and lightweight disorders.
8) Honey plays a key role in the growth and protection of teeth.
9) Honey plays an important part in preventing many different diseases and, finally, the substance (prostaglandin) in honey was found to be an important material playing a vital role in preventing many diseases, and a lack of potentially leading to the emergence of different diseases.

9 Honey-treated diseases:
Honey has been used for the long time in treating many diseases. Modern medicine has proved that honey has an important role in handling:
1) Disorders and digestive system where honey works to cancel surplus acidity in the stomach, which often leads to ulcers and many doctors have used a honey in treating gastric ulcer and duodenum.
2) It has proven that honey has a strong effect on liver disease because it contains glucose, which increases the juice of juice and activates the tissue representation process.
3) used honey in treating the diseases of the nervous system having shown medical results since ancient times honey was used in treating insomnia.
4) Useful honey in treating the inflammation of the hats and cornea and mitigation.
5) It has proven many experiments that diabetes reduce the proportion of sugar in their blood become healthy if they eat honey, and because of the presence of a oxidizing substance, sugar representation is not easier in the body showing a high percentage of the blood.
Honey has proved quite useful if diabetes is not a result of insulin deficiency, but due to the difficulty of warning the cells that are produced by the blood.
6) Researchers found that one of the fatty acids in honey prevents active cell division, so this material is an anti-cancer, where multiple cancer cell activity ends.
7) Honey is similar to antibiotics because it has the ability to destroy many microbes, viruses and fungi.
8) Use honey in treating many different skin diseases.
9) Honey advantage in handling a number of cases of children such as:

– Increasing the weight of vulnerable children.
– Prevent many diseases that usually affect children.
– Important treatment for many children's diseases such as gastroenteritis and dysentery.
– Improving hemoglobin in the blood.
– Helps to prevent indirect urine in the bed.

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