Friday , May 27 2022

Al-Mal "Uni Armor" newspaper among the top 10 top companies at the Abu Dhabi International Fair


Omar Salem

Uni Armor took part in the largest Middle East exhibition and annual conference in Abu Dhabi and presented its latest innovations in oil, reducing cost & savings solutions and saves time for piping and contributing to growth complementary industries in the petroleum sector.

In its current issue, the conference focused on improving energy connectivity with advanced technology and Uni Armor introduced its innovation among the top 10 companies at the Innovation Center, which was set up to discuss innovative solutions for oil industry growth at the ADIPEC 2018 Conference.

Hazem Halim, Chief Executive of Uni Armor Company, oil pipe valves and coverings and prevention support, which contributes to the installation of the pipes safely and in a chain and reduced the time when placed at the petroleum inspection sites. large and completely made of high density plastic that can be recycled.

The Uni Armor device was patented in the United States of America in 2016 as one of the major innovations in the production of petroleum pipelines and oil stents. The American company is currently producing its innovation in Egypt.

As he took part in ADIPEC 2018, Uni Armor CEO Hazem Halim said: "The expansion of the Middle East oil industry has encouraged us to take part in the most important event in the Middle East to demonstrate our new innovation to support oil projects and gas in Arab countries, especially in Egypt.

He added that the ADIPEC 2018 conference and exhibition witnessed the participation of major international oil and gas companies, reflecting the vast number of businesses in this crucial sector and confirming progress and development achieved in this industry in recent years.

He said: "We are keen to be in the presence of a total of 2200 companies from around the world, and we have been chosen this year among the top 10 innovative oil and gas industry companies, which give importance Innovation as one of the important solutions in the field of complementary industries in the oil sector.

"We aim to improve the efficiency of our customers, which is why we are offering innovative solutions such as an innovative oil pipe liner with faster and safer installation," said Uni Armor.

The company producing Uni Armor produces its products of oil pipe covers and support in Egypt in the industrial city on the tenth of Ramadan, as the plastic industry sees a great development in Egypt, encourage the American company to produce its products in Egypt and try to export it to every market and oil project in the region, On the investment incentives currently offered by the Egyptian government to strengthen the slogan "Made in Egypt ".

More than 100 ministers and senior executives of international oil companies attended the conference, including the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tariq Al-Mulla, as well as the participation of the executive heads of international oil companies and 18 countries in the current issue.

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