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Cases and treatments "gathom" or terrible sleep barlys

Tuesday 13 November 2018 2:33:40 PM – Readers 52

Causes and methods of treatment


Gathoum or "sleep paralysis" is a great health situation that leads the patient to complete incapacity to move or talk during one of the sleeping and falling actions, which is # 39 ; n ask you to know the reasons for ensuring the accuracy of the treatment, as disclosed now.

Doctors say that sleeping paralysis or catheter is one of the most shameful experiences associated with sleeping people of all ages – especially teenagers and young people – where one feels can not move or talk for a while during sleeping, in scary moments. However, it is not a poor health condition, and it passes through the patient within seconds or minutes.

Many people are infected twice or twice during their long lives, but more than once a month, the condition of the people has been affected by this condition of concern.

Gathom or herbal symptoms

The most obvious sign of the collector's suffering is the person's ability to feel completely about what is happening from his / her room, in the light of his ability to speak even one word, or to move one of their fingers, during sleep or start to wake up.

Then the person has a deep breathing difficulty, as if his chest was restricted or crushed, and some went through those moments with some animations, which meant to have strange people or Things with them in the same room damaged, opened his eyes and moved them but had no control over his body.

The patient finds himself in minutes or records of that mysterious disorder, which can move and speak naturally, despite his awful experience, leaving feelings of anxiety and tense for some time.

Causes of Gaucher Disease or Sleep Paralysis

Experts find that the cats or sleeping parasites always go with the patient during one of the sleeping steps called sleeping rapid eye movement, which is a witness to activity amazing thinking and a clear flow of dreams, as the sleep seems to be aware of what's happening around without the ability to make any difference.

Doctors have not confirmed some reasons to prove this condition, but it often affects the person who suffers from sleeplessness or orphans, or who is going to sleep on Different times of natural nature, such as working with and sleeping in the morning.

The science also links the number of cases of gout and sleep to the back, while genetic factors are also another of the main catalysts to suffer from the crisis.

Gathum treatment or sleeping paralysis

It is normal to improve the health status of the person suffering from gout, alone, but this does not preclude the existence of some health habits, which can help to overcome the crisis faster, where there is a sleep at night, and for a period of 6 to 8 hours of health Stimulate sleep paralysis.

Also, going to bed to sleep in a fixed daily timetable, an incredible preventative approach from Aljathom, especially that the man's desire to create the room's atmosphere for comfortable and quiet sleeping with no factors that leads to scatter.

Regarding eating at night, doctors are advised to avoid fatty foods before sleeping, which is relevant to caffeine or smoking, taking into account the importance of exercise, but also before bedtime far beyond; r four hours.

In the end, the cat seems to be a harassment of sleep, but its damage is simple and ends in a few minutes, while doctors are required to visit too much repetition.

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