Thursday , September 29 2022

Al Ahly communicates with the company that is responsible for his official post after the arrival of the plagiarism


Shot Yalla Kora Yalla

The official officers of the club and officers on the official site of the company's club responsible for the Castle Goch site, reported what happened last hour by revealing the club site to electronic piracy to go to tackle piracy.

The official Al Ahly club website has been exposed to electronic plagiarism by announcing incorrect news about the victory of the Red team's Tunisia team.

Al-Ahly has arranged to meet Friday night with the Titanist team at the Rades stadium in the second finishing series of the African Champions League. The Red team won the 3-0 victory at Burj Al Arab.

News Yalla Kora: Al Ahli communicates with the company that is responsible for its official position after the piracy has been highlighted – you can see the source of the original news from link below: the seventh Sports day and leave the site responsible for the full content of any news, but the original publisher is the responsibility of the news.

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