Sunday , October 2 2022

A student who has been infected with poisoned potatoes having to mix with the mice name


A student was in poor condition and vomiting was injured in the village of Dandit, in the middle of Met Ghamr, after accidentally mixing mice with mice.

Chief Executive of Mohammed Hajji, Dakahlia's security director, received a notification from Prime Minister Muhammad Sharbash, Director of Criminal Investigation, to the Mit Ghamr police station of Mit Ghamr Central Hospital, with the arrival of Noura R., 17, who lives in Dandit in the middle of a Mit Ghamr. Toxic substance.

The Mit Ghamr Center Inquiry Unit, led by Maj. Ahmed Farid, head of the Inquiry Department, went to hospital and asked her mother, "Ferial KK", 42, to take a number of mixed potatoes.

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