Saturday , May 28 2022

A new report suggests arriving at AirPods' second generation crews before the end of this year


Today's technology news was Apple holding two press conferences in recent months yet without hearing anything about the reproduction of AirPods headphones. A number of reports have suggested that the company intends to launch the second generation of AirPods headphones before the end of this year. Although we have not heard anything from Apple yet, we have received a new noise from the famous Ice Universe that AirPods 2's earphone will already reach the market this year.

It is worth noting that a new model of AirPods headphones has recently been proven for Bluetooth certification from Bluetouth SIG, suggesting that the launch of the new generation of AirPods headphones can not be too far away. It is not clear what changes will be made by new AirPods 2 headphones.

Some reports suggested that new features might include noise cancellation technology, improved water improvement, Bluetooth 5.0 support and longer battery life. Some of these features may make their way to the next generation of AirPods, while other 3G features will be saved.

It is also expected that Apple will launch a new box with AirPods 2 headphones supporting wireless charging technology. This box will allow users to lift their headphones wirelessly. What is currently unknown is that Apple will continue to sell the current AirPods at a lower price or will give them the best to sell them.

Unfortunately, we do not have any information at the moment when we can expect Apple to launch the new AirPods 2 headphones. The company is still silent about this.

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