Tuesday , January 25 2022

A Chinese company intends to launch its first minivan


Geely, the Chinese company, has announced its desire to launch its first family-built van van "Jiaji".

The new car is expected to bring a stylish, 470cm long, 5-seat structure, based on a platform developed by the company specifically for the vehicle, while the 280-cm wheel axle is available.

The interior will have the latest MULTI MEDIA systems, a 12.3-inch sophisticated touch screen, Bluetooth phone and smart phone systems as well as music and air conditioning rules for front and rear seat passengers.

Three modules will include the vehicle, which has all automatic speed equipment, the first with a 1.9 liter engine, 184 kilograms, 190 turbine horse, and a third model 385-horsepower with a four-wheel drive.

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