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"27 million pounds" .. Full details of "Menoufia bribe governor before"


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"27 million pounds" Full details of "Menoufia governor before bribery", quoting Masrawy site on Monday 12 November 2018.

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Over a period of 10 months, the well-known case of "bribe the Governor of Menoufia" went through a number of arrests, from the arrest of the accused – the governor of Menoufia and two businesses at the Governor's Rest Headquarters in Shebin El Koum after being involved corruption – Giza Criminal Court … Here we publish the most obvious stations and facts of the case:

Start events

The case has dated 15 January, 2018, when the Administrative Management Board arrested. Hisham Abdel Basset, Governor of Menoufia, and two businesses in the Governor Crown House in Shebin El Koum after experiencing their involvement in corruption cases. He received a bribe of LE 2 million against the allocation of a Land of businessman of the name "Reza H." In the city of Sadat. "

The bribe received by the accused

Investigations from the prosecution revealed that Hisham Abdel Basset used words and "coding and coding" phrases, which simply called bribery during his application. He is called the names of agendas, trousers, blouses, assistants and spare parts. If calls are recorded.

The investigations revealed that the governor of Menoufia had accused four state-of-the-art construction projects at a cost of more than $ 61.5 million, while the actual cost of the four projects was just 12 million. The defendant received bribes worth 27.5 million pounds behind those projects.

The payments

The prosecution gave a number of allegations to the accused, including the use of his job and position in the bribery application to assign actions to certain companies, corruption and facilitate illegal acts.

Conventions of defendants in the case

The investigations included detailed confessions made by al-Rishi "Assem Fathi" and the mediator, "Ahmed Said" on the facts of bribery.

The prosecution heard the statements of the experts in the Local Development Ministry and Monofiya Governorate on all the projects included in the bribery cases and its procedures, which proved the competence of the accused accused in the allocation process projects. Projects.

Having accused in the case

All defendants (who were in custody of the case in question by Councilor Khalid Zia, the first general attorney) were referred to the Supreme National Security Prosecution and both accused, sentenced to a criminal prosecution and governor of Menoufia, was the mediator in bribery and bribery.

The referral of the governor to offenses

Attorney General Nabil Ahmed Sadiq decided on March 19 to refer to Hisham Abdelbaset, the governor of Menoufia, and two other successors to the Cairo Criminal Court for offenses. The governor of Monofia (in his capacity as a public officer) took bribes from the owner of a contracting company, Totaling to 27 million and 450 thousand pounds, in return for dedicating the work of a number of projects carried out by the province and facilitating the acceptance of the work and speeds of the coins that are due.

Minutes and photographs of the governor's conviction

Investigations by the National Justice Supervisor (SSSC) and the team of researchers, led by Councilor Muhammad Wagih, the temporary general attorney, and by Attorney General of Osama Saif Al-Din, Chief Prosecutor, have been established by the governor of Menoufia, accused of accepting the bribe agreement between him and the other accused, Supports construction projects for a government company, which in turn used the second accused company (Assem Fathi) as subcontractor in the implementation of those projects.

Second defendant, Ahmed Said, interrupted bribes for the first defendant in cash and in good by buying a number of cars and refurbishing and furnishing two housing units at Al-Mohandiseen and another in Alexandria.

Qualifications within sessions

On May 9, Giza Criminal Court, led by Councilor Bilal Abdel Baqi, was considering the first trial of Hisham Abdel Basset, Governor of Menoufia (formerly) and two others, charged with asking for money and taking money for bribery.

Cause for prosecution in the case

During his case, the prosecutor stated that the accused, Hisham Abdel Basset and other defendants ate the money of the people illegally and blocked the people.

The prosecutor's representative said that he was not a normal day on April 7, 2015 in the life of the first accused when it was corrupted as Monofia governor, but he gave himself another right to combine power and money.

He added that the accused, Minister of Relief, began to tell the screens his great career, and he hardly finished his studies from the Faculty of Arts, and his career is really short.

Representative of the prosecution, saying: "The accused, Hisham Abdelbaset, as a wolf looking for prey, has filled himself to be in the province's staff like Garon Qarun for the people of Moses."

Representative of the prosecution that the meeting of the Barashi and the first mediator at a haraam meeting offer the authority of the allowed corrupt currency.

Prisoners: I Rashi … The Governor of Monofiya is a pre-response

Assem Fathi received the court in a session: "I have bribed and paid a bribe of 27 million and 450 thousand pounds for the former governor of Monufia."

Former governor Monofia told the court that the United States had not set aside for the Printing, Publishing and Information Technology, adding that all the money spent was spent on the business destination by Asim Fathi .

Session today

The Giza Criminal Court, led by Councilor Bilal Abdel-Baki, heard on Monday the defense case in the defeat of Hisham Abdel Basset, a former governor of Menoufia, accused of bribery.

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