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World Ice Hockey Championship 2019: Czechs to play for medals! Germans shoot 5: 1

It is here. After the group stage, top matches come to the World Championships, with the first in quarters.

In one of them, the Czech hockey team competed with Germany and hockey fans hoping for success and an increase in the difficulties for precious metals, which Czech hockey has been waiting for since 2012. Patrik Bartošák joined in end with the goal in the duel against our western souls. his back on the Simon Hrubec bench. According to the latest information, Pavel French has been injured a little. Jakub Vrána, a leading representative in this year's World Championship, did not appear unexpectedly in the helpline. And how everything went to look at a minute by minute:


1st minute – The new game has just started.

2nd minute – After a more cautious start, Cytil's bullet was knocked down by a German defender to a defensive net. Afterwards, Kubalík could reach the blank goal, but could not score.

2nd minute – Czechs will play power play. Nowak was expelled for playing a high stick.

4th minute – During his Gudas sent a reel to the goalkeeper, twice as the end of the numerical advantage Řepík had fired and the goalkeeper had not overcome.

7th minute – Jaškin Chytil addressed the goal, but did not reach the end. Jan Kovář could then overcome it, and failed. The nervousness is known to the players, but now the Germans have pushed the Germans into their band.

8th minute – Simon appeared alone in front of the goal but Germany's goal failed. In a moment, Hermit decided to go to the end, but it was just a suggestion of the first German chance.

9th minute – After nine minutes for the first time Bartošák hits after the Holzer shot from the blue, the final piece had more beaks on the Germans.

11 minutes – Seidenberg was firing the bull in the attack zone in Germany and forced Bartošák to the second.

13th minute – After Chytil's chance to fire the goalkeeper Grubauer after getting into the offensive accident, Tracetar was the biggest chance on the other hand. He didn't succeed after the break against Bartošák! Czechs are currently out of motion and have no speed.

15th minute – There was also a great chance for Reul, and in the next German challenge the Palthy foul (cut) was obvious and the Czechs will play in weakness. And in a minute, the level of ice players will level. So it will play 4 on 4.

17 minutes – The Germans, through their small movement, give the Germans closer to our goal. In our subsequent short power play, we failed to score and then Frolík or Gulaš.

19 minutes – After choosing Kahuna from the circle, the Czech team went on, but there was nothing of it. After a while, Frolik and Simon tried, but neither was it. Hager was then expelled from Voráček after the dirty.

20th Records – Except for a Rutt missile, the Czechs have not invented anything in the power play until the end of the third.

20 minutes – The first phase came to an end.

21. minutes – The second phase began.

22 Minutes – Hronek and Voracek tried to play in the power by playing even with bullets of blue, on the other hand if he was threatened to escape from the Hager who had escaped the front, but did not succeed against Bartosak. Afterwards, Kahun ended up dangerous.

23 minutes – Czechs will play weakening after dirty Gudas. In it, Draisaitl tried to surprise Bartošák.

25 minutes – Tomas Zohorna could finish in front of the goal, but did not fire.

28 minutes – Now the speed of Czech hockey players has risen, and ceased to threaten Ehliz, on the other hand cast Moravčík, but his wound was not successful. Then the beet went on to Palát, just lost it!

28 minutes – Daší Moravčíkovo throws, and even failed Chytil.

29 minutes – Gudas shot from blue. However, even with the trouble, the keeper Grubauer advised her.

30 minutes – Czechs try to get into opportunities, but they don't have too detailed tickets. And although the Germans are angry, the Czech defenders will still be able to cope.

32. minutes – Tutovka to Czechs. Palát went to the reflective pub in front of the goalkeeper but missed a big chance!

34 minutes – The game was poured from side to side until Jan Kovář decided to shoot behind the defender after passing through the middle zone! And successful, 1: 0!

37 minutes – After Gudas' adversity of the blue, Voráček tried to shoot from the right, but it was only for the goalkeeper.

38 minutes – After Bartošák's bad start behind our goal, one Mauer aten appeared in front of Bartošák with the purse and even 1: 1!

40 minutes – At first, the Germans went into the rally after the mistake, but in the last moments there was a quick Czech counter-reaction, when Voráček could finish after Frolík's ticket but that failed.

40 minutes – The second phase came to an end.

41 minutes – The third phase began.

42. minutes – Ehliz fired a good position but fortunately lost the purse. On the other side of the anti-fraud Frolík threatened, but too big.

44 minutes – Czechs now practice fast movement across the medium zone to the offensive.

45. minutes – Excellent! After renumbering 3 to 1, Captain Voracek came to the fore and got Bohemia 2: 1! After that, after being hit by the mannitnel and after a hard conflict with Simon, an Exchequer doctor is released from the ice.

47 minutes – Tragically threatened for a while, failed and in minutes the Zohorn brothers had failed to get the disk into the empty goal. Then Yashkin fired to the goalkeeper of Grubauer.

49 minutes – Palát's shot of blue did not lead to success. The Germans are trying to settle, but their actions have not yet led to a dangerous ending.

50 minutes – Hager has passed Holzer from behind the goal, but fortunately he didn't succeed the Czech goalkeeper.

52 minutes – Now the game moves from side to side. On the occasion Yashkin was with Faksa, but it didn't lead to the goal.

52. minutes – First, Tiffels had a chance, but soon Dominik Kubalík, who finished with a golf strike and insured the lead, 3: 1!

54 minutes – Moravčík and Voráček tried to score another goal, but they failed. And after a while it was 4: 1! After reflection on the back pillow, Palát went to the purse and finished the empty goal!

56 minutes – Czechs play relaxed and now they have a nano stick.

57. minutes – Czechs will play after the Yashkina tour in weakness. The Germans will play without a goalkeeper.

58 minutes – Frolík could go half way into the empty goal but Kahun stopped it.

60 minutes – The First Sider ordered Bartošák to the surgery, after a while, Jaškin and Gulaš tried to hit the empty goal. The Czechs had not been able to strike empty for a long time until Jan Kovář could not watch it and eventually rose 5: 1!

60 minutes – The game is over!

Final result:

Czech Republic – Germany 5: 1
Aims: Gof 34ain and 60th, 45. Voráček, 52. Kubalík, 54. Palát – 38. Mauer

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