Friday , August 19 2022

World Ice Hockey Championship 2019: CTIA warns against buying tickets via t


The Inspectorate noted that users can easily find websites when searching for tickets, as they appear in the top search engines on the internet search engines. The CTIA imposed a fine of CZK 60,000 on the website operator after purchasing a check, which showed that the website does not specify the full final price of the ticket and that it does not inform the user of it. rights.

The company that operates the website is located in a Swiss address, making it impossible to provide assistance outside of court to users. T , as the European Consumer Center has not been represented in Switzerland, he says the CTIA. Any litigation is made more difficult by the fact that the company only sells tickets between two persons according to its business conditions.

As an example of how the website works, the CTIA submits a complaint from a user who added the extra money for transport and ordering to the card for the price of three tickets for sporting events. The website does not repay these payments when you cancel your order. "Within a few seconds I let the company win 1227 CZK. Unfortunately, I lost it, but I would like to remind the others about this," the inspection quotes of the complaint.

The chances of not losing money, according to the CTI, are used by the alleged reimbursement. The bank can ask for the money to be transferred back to their account if they have not yet received the tickets. This is possible when paying by card, not by transfer. "According to the European Consumer Center experience, banks help their clients, although they are not required to do so by law," he said. Some banks in the Czech Republic are already blocking payments through or warning customers to an increase in the number of claims for reimbursement payments already made.

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