Monday , June 27 2022

World Cup 2019 | World Ice Hockey Championship ONLINE: Czech – Germany, hard at 20:15


and hockey players are celebrated against Switzerland, made by Captain Jakub Vorek (back in the middle).

| photo: Reuters

and hockey players play hard in the world championship against Germany at 20:15 in Bratislava and they won't have to go to Koic. In the capital will hrt to Russian duel – USA. tournament direktorit zpas asy.

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ONLINE: Czech – Germany, from 20:15

In Koice, Canada and Switzerland and Finland and Sweden will play.

Eskmu darkness was secured by the city in the B group 5: 4 over Switzerland and so in Russia against the widow 7: 4. and last time with Nmci on the big international event played in the playoff World Championships 1996 in Vienna, where they won 6: 1.

With the medal medals of the Olympic Games in Pyongchang, the last time he played on April 17 and 18 was a Euro Hockey Tour in Karlovy Vary and won 5: 4. In the World Championships, his and Nmeck was the last to compete in 2015 in Prague and 4: 2.

It will be used for the semi-finals based on core groups, decided by the Mole tournament director before his arrest, who agreed with the 16 astnk representatives (written here).

In practice, it means, with the best balance sheet after it, that its balance is among the last two. The second pair in the battle for the finals will then create the best unit from the basic groups with a feeling.

The following is the group site for the semi-finals: 1. Russia, 2. Canada, 3. Czech, 4. Finland, 5. Sweden, 6. Germany, 7. USA, 8. Switzerland.

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