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When the attackers give the goals, the Hašek master will dream


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Good mood continued to catch him. When Lukáš Hůlka praised her goal and her performance in the spring, a press spokesman spoke to him: "And we are still our best spring shooter, scoring three goals."

"Wait, he had already given three goals?" Hasek replied.

"You see, our canonist is this. In addition, from a defensive midfielder or midfielder. The 49-year-old coach thought, as the attackers started scoring goals, and that & # 39 happens once.

Dukla v Bohemians 1905 1: 1


A goal could be scored at the opening opening of David Puškáč.
The balloon underneath, the goalkeeper was unable to respond, but only hit him. It was enough to put it anywhere else and we went to the lead and the game would be in a different spirit. In addition, Dukla would be thrown into the psyche, which is not good in his situation.

Dukla scored, but you did. Then you had other opportunities.
At 1: 1 we had two more fantastic occasions, for example Záviška went alone to the gate. But eventually it was like many games in the season. We haven't scored our efforts with our huge opportunities. On the other hand, we could lose the game. So I'm sure that we managed to cope.

This was the first match of the infrastructure. Was it something special?
The infrastructure is a new experience for us, we have never played it yet. But it was a completely normal league game with all the trimmings. From our side, we have seen it so much that we play to host it. Dukla's last chance.

For 34 minutes, Abdullah Yousuf entered. How satisfied were you with him?
He went in and had a goal, winning a duet. For my taste, he wants the balloons first and then he wants to avoid his opponent. But I also want it to run to defend in space. But it is not yet in such a state, it has not had much training yet. In Slavia, they may be able to get it to that level, but they must be healthy and trained.

Could it jump in other games from the start?
If it were healthy, it could be in the baseline. But I don't feel ready. Now, he became tired of defense, and it made it easier. It suited us, then we could benefit from its advantages.

At the end of the game you were banned from the stand. Why?
I think it's tough. There was no roughness in it. The only reason was that the fourth assistant had reported to the chief judge that I had stepped into court for the fourth time. But this is not true, although I tend to step forward, so I was there once. I wasn't on the field until Záviška didn't change his chance. Which ones I shouldn't have done, of course, but it wasn't a reason to go away.

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