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Vojtch Dyk married actress Tatiana Vilhelm


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Vojtch Dyk gave a wedding photo on Instagram with his wife, Tatiana Dyková.

Let's go back to the world where we married on May 1, 2019! Voktch Dyk and Tatiana Dykov, wrote the song to the romantic scene.

According to Blesk, the secret round was held in the village of Hodonna with the name Blatnice pod Svatm Antonnkem.

On the marriage there was not estilet son Dyka and Vilhelmov Alois. From the previous marriage with producer Pavel echek (44), Vilhelmov gave two sons, Frantik thirteen years old and Cyril, one year old.

A seven-year-old musician and musician began to go together nine years ago, as they collaborated on Pete's Blzniv theaters.

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