Saturday , October 1 2022

Trpišovský after drawing with Copenhagen: When we continue to play like this, we will move on


How would you rate the game?
"It was a challenging game, lots of connections and fighting over the middle of the field, Copenhagen started a good start during the first half of the season, and in the second half we were tired of it, however, the conflict was not there. shot on the gate once, it was clear that he did not want to lose. In the final, there is a fun 0-0 that does not even work for one team. "

Why is the decline in your performance in the second half?
"I have to look at it, but I think we have more pressure in the second half. Copenhagen played in a block, trying to keep us from cutting to the bricks. We wanted to meet it; The standards, but we kicked them badly. "

Is this the result of complications for increasing opportunities?
"It would be worse if we were losing. At home, of course, you need to collect points, but we'll see how two other games will take place. Copenhagen is a challenging opponent, who won in Bordeaux, draws with St Petersburg. The European Cups have been playing constantly for ten years, and it's visible. "

The coaches of Jindřich Trpišovský in Slavia are in duel with FC Copenhagen

The coaches of Jindřich Trpišovský in Slavia are in duel with FC Copenhagen

Do you find that you have a better chance of going on in a game with Bordeaux or with Zenit?
"It's hard to say what will happen in a month. We do not know which players will be available. Each of the three competitors in the group is different. Copenhagen is really dependent on defensive and compressing, playing British simple football St Petersburg is great again again individually and with the ball, Bordeaux has gone through changes and the result is rising, but if we play & The way we play now, we will move on. "

You can enjoy the best protective in the European League. Are you happy?
"We've managed to defeat this double by hand, all the players have done excellently. Copenhagen did not shoot at the gate at all. The players performed the tasks well, and not letting you go one by one. But this may be a bit of a game ahead, where we have not been able to go through these situations. "

How does the game affect your bulldog?
"It was obvious that Kúdela was missing us in the game, it was higher than the standard. Of course, losing players were losing us. But on the other hand, the men who stepped in , their maximum and certainly they were not wrong. "

When are players injured?
"Coulow and Coufal have muscle injuries, missing at least two weeks. Hopefully, Hushbauer will be at least at the weekend. Mešanovič and Jugas are not in the European League."

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