Tuesday , May 24 2022

Thousands of people do not know they have a high weight! Ask your doctor about symptoms


High blood pressure or arterial impairment are the most common disease in the cardiovascular system. About one fifth of Czech, but many do not know about it. High pressure does not hurt and if the doctor does not disclose it during the examination, it can lead to death.

Initially, high pressure is incredible, but if not treated, it can lead to serious complications. It causes, for example, myocardial blow, cerebrovascular accident or lung embolism and also affect the kidneys.

Doctors may decide to use drugs that reduce blood pressure. The base is a healthy lifestyle, including everyday movement. Patients should also reduce smoking and alcohol and try to eat healthier. It even needs to be careful – some foods increase weight.

What does high blood pressure mean? How serious is this disease? What are the results? How can we stop the disease? How do we know we have a high blood pressure? How is a blood pressure test tested? All He Really Be Healed?
Internal doctors Markéta Hauzarová will answer these questions and other questions.

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