Saturday , May 28 2022

This is called grateful to you: Jankto took Jarolim, who gave him a chance in the league!


Chaos, no system. So, according to the young Jankt, Karel Jarolim's games were played. You do not have to be angry at Udine at any time. Occasionally says things like they are, although they have to apologize afterwards. Perhaps as if he was describing the situation in Udine, Italy, where football club players closed to unqualified conditions.

Here, however, Jankto spoke about the national team. Open, unacceptable: "When you looked at the games we played to Mr. Jarolim, the players did not know where to run, but Mr. Shilhavy had prepared the team well, concisely," he said. after a game in Gdansk, when the Czech Republic 1-0 defeated and failed to celebrate the 100th game in the representation of even the famous canonist Robert Lewandowski.

Jakub Yankee

Karel Jarolim's critic of the old coach trainer hurts. After all, he gave Jank the first chance. There's probably not a lot of football fans. On the other hand, Jarolím's salary was about to be 641,000 crowns per month. And now that connection: Chaos without a system for more than half a million a month …

Karel Jarolím

On the other hand, Jankto has also identified what Jaroslav Šilhavý needs of a team, and is clearly starting from the base at the show. Oh good defense, from fighting. "We have to start with simple things, we have to play as a team. We have to wait well in the block and wait for those opportunities …"Jakub Jankto said.

Every footballer knows that their protection is easier than playing goals. So the superstructure of Jaroslav Šilhavý is still waiting. One thing that can do better than Karel Jarolim will show more months.

Karel Jarolím

But one plays for Shilhav. The players behind him go, love him and respect his instructions. They love their openness, communication. It is clear that there is a good seasonal in the current Czech team and also that the sugar method works rather than whip.

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