Tuesday , August 16 2022

The star of the Streets series has coronavirus, he was infected by a son


Jaroslava Obermaierová, who has been one of the main faces of the Street series for a quarter of a century, was infected with covid-19. He isolated himself in his cottage, where he lives with her son Jaroslav. She probably had the disease.

“So far, I have a very weak course, but I had to cancel the filming days. I have respect for the covid, so I’m sticking to the prescribed quarantine. But I think the it will pass quickly, ”said the Bleska actress.

Her son has to lie down due to illness, but Obermaier manages to take care of the household in peace. He even keeps cooking. Had she not been tested for filming, she would not have known she had a coronavirus at all.

However, due to quarantine, he had to stop filming Street. “At the moment, filming of the series is not endangered or restricted in any way by the covid-19 virus. The same safety and hygiene measures we introduced at the start of filming still apply,” he said his public relations coordinator Tereza Drtinová.

After ten days of forced isolation, Obermaier returns to the field and catches up.

Take a look at Jaroslava Obermaier’s report on the difficult times of the coronavirus epidemic:

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