Saturday , October 1 2022

The rhythm is full of power: "Was it cut off" Jasmin Alagič?


Adriano Poláková and Daro Richter, on the slide and label, were not ready and they were surprised when they were on the screen. Richter did not have any words, Poláková started laughing and hiding her head in her hands.

Rytmus notices their response, who made fun of the moderators and started insulting. I'll throw them to the hills, to Ethens and Buzerants. "Do not do this, or I'll be slap on both sides when your head is hitting his father", the rapper wrote to Richter.

Of course, Rytmus's commentary does not like TV Markie, and decided to send Rytmus solicitors. "TV Markíza is far away from the vulgar and abusive speeches of Mr Vrbovský, who introduced in connection with the use of photos published on his public profile. The way we attack our moderators is inadequate and we are ready to take further legal action The portal used the material published on Mr Vrbovský's public profile in accordance with legal regulations, "said Markíza on

However, Rytmus did not close himself, but especially his jasmine fiancé. The moderator works with TV, they gave her an opportunity in Superstar and she has a famous voice on the show. "They will not write or promote it for some time," he told the Daily Plus daily source. As he looks, Rhythm has made a Jasmina line across the budget. Jasmine, who's probably, does not break this TV soon and come down with decent money.

On a video with Jasmine Alagich you can look here:

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