Tuesday , August 16 2022

The path in the clouds should be equal to the attendance record this year


“In the seventh month, there was an unusual presence, almost 50 to 60 per cent more than in July last year. It was mainly due to the covid and border closure, the Trail in the Clouds was the main attraction in the region , which covered the fall of spring. In August, the number of people was comparable to last year, “Drápal said.

Operators want to pioneer the path in the clouds in the future. Shortly after the opening, refreshments were added with sanitary facilities for tourists, and Sněžník does not want to reveal further plans yet. The observation tower can accommodate three thousand people at a time, the limit for which is the capacity of the cable car. 90 percent of tourists use it for transportation to the attraction.

For a visit to the Trail in the Clouds, an adult pays the entry fee of 240 crowns, a child of 170 crowns, the family entry fee is 720 crowns. In addition there is a need to add the price of the ride by cable car, there and back it will cost 300 or 240 crowns separately, for the 690 crown family. It is more advantageous to buy the entrance to the tower by immediate transportation.

According to Drápal, this year was good for the whole resort. Many people went out into nature, used the cable car or bobsled track, visited the viewing tower. There was no need to limit the number of tourists on the viewing tower, they did not congregate. The resort and its trail park are especially popular with cyclists. “The cable car was still full. The men were lifting two to three thousand mountain bikes on hooks a day, and cyclists were turning four or five times a day,” said Drápal.

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