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The moderator Kristina Kloubkov and Tanenk Vclav Kune are together


Kristina Kloubkov and Vclav Kune (14 May 2018)

| photo: Herminapress

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The best of all for birthday party, lask. I love T, write a moderator to an Instagram picture when she gave her partner a birthday.

Kloubkov and Kune came together for the first time in 2017. They knew a lot about it. Vclav was a Kristinin year old fellow on bike. Mezinimi spark ovem by modertorka peskoila and about 22 years later. So we met with each other. I'm in love, and I was worried about being frozen in the walls, and the heart of the heart will never be met, it appears in December 2018 for

When they broke up this year, according to n for nikdotet.Kad tm have long errors, even in a relationship, it is also berujako as focus. I'm very pleased with the moment in love, quoting the choice in the Blesk model.

Kristina Kloubkov said that she had lost Vclav Kuneemnavz, wanted to be with each other and achieve the future.

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