Thursday , May 26 2022

The chaos that reigned behind Jarolim had gone. That is why the Czechs can win again


Czarek Sokolowski, The CTK / AP

"Compression and frequency, where ascending and progression is hidden," without the cover, he noted the main reason for changing the representation of Czech, the author of winner goal Jakub Jankto.

"Jarolim's coach was a little disorder because we did not know where to run. Now he's changed, with the new trainer starting from simple things," he said what Jaroslav Šilhavý succeeded in changing over time short.

Even in Gdansk, he was prominent in the Czech representation game. She fights, she had a game with Lewandowski et al. Everything of the beginning began to be active. The orderly and dedicated defense was the foundation, the attempt to rapidly defeat and the abusive threat according to extension.

Shy: He is not eager to face the conflicts

"He is not eager to face the conflicts," said the trainer, trying to get the words spoken by his trustee a little, "but the truth is that we do not know of & The start is that the order of the game must be improved because without it it could not be done, "signifies the basic principle that was governed after the victory over Shilhav Poles.

"We must start the defensive period if we wanted to be successful and win. And we want to win ourselves, everyone and the players, however, it was & # 39 ; they would, like Kalas, throw themselves to hockey as a hockey player, just to keep the victory, "says coach coach, will and dedication shown by one player to another.

Dobojováno. Czech soccer joys in the prize over Poland.

Czarek Sokolowski

That's why the Poles were over. Therefore, before the League of Nations League match, the Slovakian, who will remain in the second division, will have raised the Czech team of self-confidence.

"We needed such a mess. And to build on the previous two games," said Jankto, adding that he had made the next move, and only a friendly game against the Poles, who was worried about # 39; n clear in the autumn and did not win the fifth game in a row.

"We will not talk about it, it's just a few steps, but we want to do more and more. It's nice to have the Scalp of the Poles, to know about the great things we did in the game, but we're also aware of the shortcomings that have been in our game, "Šilhavý evaluated pragmatic the second victory, executed by Czech representation under his leadership.

But before the Monday duel, it's very important and important.

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