Friday , May 27 2022

The car breaks up in a tired jump with a quick jerk, and it's dead



(illustrates snmek)

| picture: FZS South Moravian Region

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According to the man, she was edtilet idi from Hvzdov to Outside. On the way to Mimoni, the car was driven by arrests at a high speed, so he broke out of the road and in the series there were a tenth of a car with steel from the toe wheels in the trolleys, police told Ivan Balkov with the words, the car went out. When it happened, the car rode a few tens of meters tighter.

The accident happened before noon on the road between Mimon and Hvzdov, what is Ralska. A rescue helicopter was hit by the city.

At the time of the trip, he escaped outside of communication. Even one person has rescued all his efforts and has given up the land of the accident one person, he added, speaking to the regional army Pavlov Blkov.Pina havrie vyetuje policii.

There was one fatal accident in the county today. On the line between Novor Borem and Jedlova he made the bike. Her injuries were practical with life, she told Blok.

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