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The cancellation of the Opencard case is about Hudeček, but not Svoboda


The Prague Supreme Court rejected the condemnation of the former Mayor of Prague Tomáš Hudeček (formerly TOP 09) and both councilors in the Opencard case, arguing that Prague City Court had misinterpreted the facts and, therefore, made incorrect legal conclusions . This was noted by Markéta Puci, City spokesman.

Prevention of the ruling is not about the former mayor of Bohuslav Svoboda (ODS), whose prosecution is interfered due to the deputy's mandate, so the High Court did not deal with an appeal.

The Supreme Court rejected the ruling over four people – apart from Hudeček, former adviser for information technology Eva Vorlíčková (formerly TOP 09), the exodus for transportation by Josef Nosko (formerly ODS) and former director of the Informatics Department, Jan Teska. They responded to the appeal they made.

Cancelled judgment set in September 2016 Vorlich and Tesk's three-year condition, the state of Hudeček and Nosko for a small year. 2.5 years freedom of freedom was granted relief. The next ten declines have been released.

When the case was returned by the High Court in September, but at that time it was not clear why and who is involved in the decision. First, City Court sent all the participants, and then commented on the shift. "The legal opinion of the Supreme Court binds us," said the Puci spokesman today. He added that the Senate chairman, Alexandr Sotolář, will reopen the case back during December 17th.

The case is similar to unfavorable contracts with Haguess, the owner of the Opencard rights. Prague councilors were approved unanimously in April 2012 after they were recommended by the appraisal committee. Prague City Court concluded that the five convicted "failed to make a qualifying analysis of the situation where the contract was awarded, alternatives to its solution, its risks and its costs ". According to the ruling under appeal, these defendants favored Haguess, breaking the rules on competition rules and the obligation to administer foreign assets.

The defendants have initially denied the blame, the supposed project, according to them, has been a long-standing problem of the Mayor of Pavel Bém (ODS), and could not move forward due to licensing agreements which had previously ceased.

The dismissal section of the verdict includes former councilors Lukáš Manhart, Václav Novotný, Pavel Richter, Helen Chudomelová, Radka Lohynský and Ivan Kabický. The employees of the municipality Štěpán Hladík and Veronika Pražáková and the external members of the appraisal committee Aleš Němeček and David Kučera remained unpunished.

When we started to solve problems with the transport company, I received messages that I can not otherwise make guilty, says Svoboda:

When we started to solve problems with the transport company, I received messages that we would not otherwise get convicted, says Bohuslav Svoboda.

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