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České Budějovice – It started on Friday at Přemysl Otakar II Square. to build a flat flat. The arrival of Českobudějovický is approaching. The advent of Českobudějovický is fine.

Advent Markets at České Budějovice Square. Picture illustrated.Photo: Archive

They're waiting for you– Pererindod, Naïa Urbánková, Standa Hložek, Tear, Fools, Petr Dopita, Ranger Swimmers, Jiří Schelinger, South, McBerds, Strong Coffee, The Greens, Spolektiv, Epydemye, Honza Janda,

– You will not lose the traditional advent of an angel and light up a Christmas tree or carols singing Czech

Lenka Střítecká, executive director of Art4Promotion, who has been preparing the show since last year, says: "We want to open everything at the same time." On Saturday, November 24th, people can only pick up skates, but also go through the Christmas markets.

"We have decided to add goods for regional food, such as smoke fish, a variety to change and improve," spreads the markets Lenka Střítecká. Most stalls as last year stayed on the square until December 23. Part of the refreshment stalls, along with the ice flat, will run until January 6th.

You can also hang on Christmas Eve this time from 10am to 3pm and from 2pm to 5pm.

This year's novel will be the tower on the ice floor on the side of the square, where the Dvorak hotel is located. "The tower will be in a style similar to the stalls. From wood and white roof," he said. You can also take snacks upstairs to watch the events below. "From a bird's look, you can enjoy the Christmas atmosphere," explained the company. When the tower is tested, another can grow in the next few years.

A cultural program will also be prepared. He and Šárka Gramanová together with David Kovarik. "This time we're in South Bohemia," he said Šárka Gramanová with the Czech-Budejovice bands playing in the square, but also from Týn nad Vltavou or Tábor. You will hear the Spolektiv, Epydemye, McBerds, Strong Coffee, The Greens or Honza Jandu, a street artist who often plays a guitar at Komerční banka in Krajinská Street in the county. "We wanted the bands to play Christmas songs," he pledges Šárka Gramanová a repertoire that will inspire the Christmas atmosphere. The most prominent names will be Naïa Urbánková, Standa Hložek or Slza, and singer Carolau before the concert with her hits as part of the Czech Republic, singing on traditional Christmas songs on December 12.

You can find the program of arrival on the event's website. Budějčák has already read Jan Holický. "I look forward to many things. I like bands, folklore and beauty in costumes, stalls with meadows and peas," he praises and gives an idea: "It could also be a vehicle with horses and sheep. " Michaela Mikulášková Also looking forward. "I will not lose Jiří Schelinger and a ice apartment," a young teacher promises.

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