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Schizophrenia suffers from a percentage of Czech, and in other countries the cases are the same


Update: 15.11.2018 17:19

Prague – About a hundred people in the Czech Republic suffer from schizophrenia. There are around 100,000 residents. The incidence of disease is not different in other countries. Thanks to medication and therapy, most patients can control illness and lead everyday life. They say organizations that help patients with mental illnesses and fight myths about mental illness. To eliminate schizophrenia stigma, an invisible 100,000 campaign, whose name refers to the number of patients, is trying to contribute.

"Normal and happy comparative life chances are quite great in terms of diagnosis of schizophrenia," says schizophrenia website where people can find information on illness, prevention, treatment and support.

Schizophrenia is a psychosis. The patient has a shared mindset, finding it unfair to reality and having inappropriate behavior. Difficulties differ ideas of reality, interpreting misconceptions in the vicinity. He has shortcomings and depression, he is too ambitious and aggressive. It often closes and alone by others.

According to institutions to help get mental illness, a person has a schizophrenic disposition, such as more sensitivity and vulnerability. Then the trouble triggers the trigger. More often than not, the more common is the stress, the main stress is strong. Psychoweb talks about the need to go abroad and stay in a different language environment, secondary school or work requirements, and relationship problems. According to Green Doors, which helps people with mental illness return to work, the quality of relationships with relatives is important.

Skizophrenia usually shows itself between the fifteenth and third years. With higher age, the likelihood of the disease decreases. In men, they usually appear within 25 or 28 years, in women, after five to fifteen thirty.

The illness uses drugs – psychopharmac, long-term. Therapy supports psychological support. "Psychotherapy and psychosocial support can help people deal with illness by enabling them to cope with everyday concerns and find new ways of dealing with illness, increasing the ability of patients to cope with practical activities everyday life such as shopping or meeting other people "organizers of the 100,000 invisible campaign said.

According to schizophrenia psychology, one third of patients are being improved. In one third, improvement occurs, although some symptoms last or return. The other third has chronic symptoms.

"The stigma associated with this illness is one of the biggest obstacles to the treatment and management of schizophrenia that can lead to serious disagreement that aggravates & # 39 ; there are unnecessary difficulties in patients with schizophrenia, "said the Mental Health Care Development Center. Perceptions include the fact that schizophrenia is incredible and that no one comes out of it, the illness is dangerous, unable to work, or unable to make reasonable decisions about their lives, the center is calculated . According to him, with the exception of the development of new drugs with minimal side effects, not just the public need, but also for teachers and doctors.

Schizophrenia suffers from the First Minister's son, Andrei Babis, who is the same name. He assures his father's colleague detained in the Crimea so that he can not witness in the case of the Fest of the Nest, he and the prime minister face allegations of subsidy fraud . According to the First Minister, it is not the case. Babies the eldest son of Schizophrenia's son said on Wednesday. However, his son emailed the News List about "demon sits," and said he would have to be under "constant supervision", as the prime minister said.



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